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Alcina Chiu

Alcina enjoys putting her talents to work to serve the community. She has spent a lot of time over the last 20+ years volunteering and working with non-profit organizations to make the world more equitable, synergistic, and inclusive.
Her deep understanding of the world of non-profit organizations has led her to want to collaborate with them, and above all, to help them better fulfil their missions. She believes that Tutoiemoi’s strength lies in its network of professionals. She is proud to be able to unite her expertise with those of the Tutoiemoi network in order to offer high quality services to non-profits.
Alcina’s specialty is innovation. She has a gift for finding fresh solutions, recentering the focus to the essential, and pushing ideas to their limits. First and foremost a strategist, she is passionate about education and the power that lies in knowledge. It is through education that she wants to equip non-profit organizations with the tools they need to improve their success.

“Tutoiemoi wants to help non-profit organizations be more effective in fulfilling their missions by improving their internal organization and use of resources. We want to help non-profits, so that they can, in turn, better help society.”
– Alcina Chiu

Frédéric Raguenez

Frédéric started his career in the world of publishing and continued on to work with agencies. From his numerous years in project management, Frédéric has, time and again, experienced a fundamental truth: for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations have different goals. While the former aims to sell and amass money, the latter works to give back to society without generating a profit. One is driven by the pursuit of income, while the other is driven by its mission to serve the community.
Frédéric co-founded Tutoiemoi to create an organization that worked from the same principles as those of its clients. By having the same mission, stakes, and reality as other non-profits, Tutoiemoi is in a better position to understand their needs and establish a relationship based on trust and confidence.

“I want to create a link between professionals and non-profits in order that the latter can benefit from expertise from an organization who understands them.”
– Frédéric Raguenez

Jonathan Castonguay

Jonathan leads an advertising agency. His ability to see the big picture and to recognize the efforts of every individual, combined with his strategic insight, contribute to the quality and efficacy of his work.
At his agency, like with Tutoiemoi, Jonathan hopes to empower his clients. He guides them through each step in order to provide them with the tools, resources, and knowledge necessary to carry out their mandate.
His goal is to help non-profits perform better and improve their internal organization. He puts his energy and time towards non-profits in order to help them take off. Jonathan wants to give them visibility and promote their causes because, in the end, it is society that benefits.

“I believe in the mission of Tutoiemoi because I know that it was created to fill a need and for a good cause.”
– Jonathan Castonguay

Clémence Lengaigne

Clémence adds her talents as a graphic designer and illustrator to the Tutoiemoi network. Her responsibilities consist of managing the conception, production, publishing, and maintenance of its image from start to finish.
However, her role in the mission of the organization goes beyond just art. In addition to having a good eye for design, she is also gifted in creating effective messages through her images. From her experiences with non-profits, she has often noticed that organizations have trouble communicating what they want to say, especially through pictorial representations.
Clémence is there to unblock that difficulty. She will work with Tutoiemoi’s clients to offer branding, complete with the messages that they want to get across. Her work will support non-profits as they start up and grow and improve their effectiveness.

“I am committed to doing something positive for people who need it.”
– Clémence Lengaigne